21st March Torbay Tornado
23rd - 25th May SB20 Southern Area Championship
7th - 19th June Yachting Monthly Triangle Race 2020
19th - 21st June RS500 UK National Championship
20th - 21st June RS Summer Regatta (incorporating RS400 Southern Championship)
3rd - 11th July Offshore Week
2nd - 7th August Firefly National Championship
22nd - 23rd August Torbay Royal Regatta (incorporating IRC South West Regional Championships)
22nd - 23rd August IRC South West Regional Championships
29th - 31st August RS Tera National Championships
10th - 13th September K6 National Championships
11th - 13th September Hadron H2 National Championship
3rd - 4th October 29er GP



 23rd - 24th March 29er GP
30th March Torbay Tornado
25th - 28th May GUL UK Fireball Nationals
23rd - 28th June Squib Nationals
28th June - 6th July Offshore Week
5th July - 7th July Laser Masters
30th July - 2nd August 4000 Eurocup
5th - 9th August RS 200 Nationals
23rd - 26th August J/70 UK National Championships
23rd - 26th August Torbay Royal Regatta
29th August - 6th September J/70 World Championships
2nd November Junior Regatta


 10th - 11th March  420 Spring Championships
 2nd April Torbay Tornado Dinghy Regatta
 14th - 17th June SB20 Sprint and UK Open & National Championship
17th -29th June Triangle Race
 23rd - 24th June RYA National Sailboat League
 30th June - 7th July Dragon Edinburgh Cup
 14th - 15th July 29er GP
 27th - 29th July Albacore Nationals
 4th - 11th August 2000 Nationals
 25th - 27th August Torbay Royal Regatta
 25th - 27th August VX One National Championship
 31st August - 2nd September K1 / K2 National Championship
 13th - 16th September K6 & Viper Nationals
 3rd - 4th November Youth & Junior Autumn Regatta


25th - 26th March Optimist Class Spring Championship
13th - 14th May RYA National Sailing League
27th - 30th May PA Consuting RS Feva National Championships 2017
16th - 18th June D-Zero Class National Championship
22nd - 25th June Streaker Class National Championship
1st - 2nd July 29er Grand Prix
9th - 14th July Solo Class National Championship
17th - 19th August J-CUP 2017
19th - 22nd August Torbay Royal Regatta
19th - 22nd August South West IRC Championships
19th - 20th August Laser Traveller
20th August SW RS Tera Championship Traveller
9th - 10th September Squib South Coast Championship
23rd - 24th September RYA South West Zone Championships
4th - 5th November Junior Autumn Regatta


12th-13th March 420 Spring Championship
21st-22nd May National sailing league
2nd-5th June RS Aero National Championships
8th-10th July D-One National Championships
7th-12th August Zhik UK 29er Class National Championship
20th-24th August Torbay Royal Regatta
20th-23rd August 4000 Class National Championship
20th-23rd August Cherub Class National Championship
24th -25th September SB20 Open Meeting
30th Sept-3rd October SB20 Class National Championship
5th - 6th November Junior Autumn Regatta
5th - 6th November 29er Sprints


28th February - 1st March Laser Qualifier
22nd - 26th August Torbay Royal Regatta
22nd - 24th August RS500 Nationals
28th - 31st August Cadet Nationals
11th - 13th September K6 and Viper Nationals
17th - 20th September RS100 Nationals
25th - 26th September 29er Grand Prix
24th - 25th October Tera SW Champs