Club Racing Documents 2018

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Entry Forms

All entries this year are to be made online using the links below.  Entries and payment must be made before noon on a Wednesday for Wednesday Night racing and Noon on a Friday for Weekend racing.  Fee structure is shown in the NOR.

Click here for a Video Guide on using the Online Entry System

South West Yacht Time Correction System

The Cruiser Class will use the South West Yacht Time Correction System (SWYTCS), to apply for your free certificate please complete the following form – Click Here

The latest Handicaps (Updated 23/7/18) are shown below. Some peoples handicap have been updated to adjust for keel config. If you require an updated copy of your Cert then please contact James

IRL2001ACEHalf Ton Joubert921948Royal Torbay
GBR8633TAriel of HambleDufour 40860880Royal Torbay
GBR9645TBrainwaveDufour 36946967Royal Torbay
GBR2544RBuscadera VRustler 33956956Royal Torbay
362CarouselFirst 21.710041031Royal Torbay
GBR7636RCrikeyProjection 762903929Royal Torbay
GBR5913TEllie TooStarlight 35 mk II944969Royal Torbay
GBR1170LGIULIANAStarlight 35954978Royal Torbay
GBR9403HopeJeanneau Sun Oddysey 40.3882905Royal Torbay
GBR9534RJazzJenneau Sun Fast 2610251050Royal Torbay
GBR 9941TJu KyuJ109857881Royal Torbay
FRA3486La FlecheDufour 40850872Royal Torbay
GBR8696RLennieTofinou 8956984Royal Torbay
GBR1554LMANDARINELAN 333892918Royal Torbay
GBR 6954TNew Moon 2Dehler 39832853Royal Torbay
GBR 9499SacrebleuBaveria 36955955Royal Torbay
GBR3411RSaphireDehler 34911933Royal Torbay
GBR9690TSeaborneJeanneau Sun Odyssey 35887910Royal Torbay
159LSkyElan 31929951Royal Torbay
GBR6363SnowstormOyster 41875897Royal Torbay
GBR4198LTai NuiJenneau 409851877Royal Torbay
GBR1232LTexereTwister 2811181118Royal Torbay
GBR6569WARHORSEMustang 30946972Royal Torbay

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