Offshore Week 2019 Itinerary

Friday 28th June Channel Race – Torquay – St Peter Port

Saturday 29th June Layday, St Peter  Port

Sunday  30th July, St Peter Port – St Cast

Monday 1st July, St Cast – Binic

Tuesday   2nd July, Binic – Lezardrieux

Wednesday 3rd July, Lezardrieux – Paimpol

Thursday 4th July, Paimpol – Lay Day

Friday 5th July, Paimpol – St Peter Port

Saturday 6th July,  St Peter Port – TBA

Party Theme

We invite all crews to consider the name of their Boat as their own personal theme, dress and present their performance accordingly!

i.e. if your Boat was named “Tomato Salsa” you might dress like a tomato and perform a Salsa!