SB20 Event Declaration

SB20 Notice of Race Sprint 24-25 Sept 16

SB20 Notice of Race – Coached Sprint (Friday) and Nationals

SB20 Nationals – Sailing Instructions

SB20 Sprint Weekend Sailing Instructions

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Open Meeting

Coached Sprint


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Online entry  is no longer available, however entries will be taken at registration – See NOR for more details. Any questions please contact Adrian Peach –

Event Information 

Storage on Haldon Pier in-between the Open Meeting 24th-25th September and the Sprint day of the Nationals is payable directly to the Torquay Harbourmaster 01803 292429 and must be paid in advance.
Quote Reference: SB20 September Storage


Helm Name Boat Name Sail Number Open Weekend
24-25th Sept
Sprint day
(30th Sept)
Jerry HillSportsboatworld.comGBR3742Paid
Chris Clyburn Wet "n" Dry GBR 3086PaidPaidPaid
Barry Jobson Job Lot!!GBR 3336PaidPaid
Phil RumbelowDorrisGBR 3366PaidPaidPaid
Adrian Peach UBERGBR 3720 PaidPaid
Bruce, ArthurFirefly GBR3135PaidPaidPaid
Savidge, Tom DoolaliGBR3217PaidPaidPaid
Hine, PaulPoor BouyGBR3149PaidPaid
Richard McAdamHere Comes BodGBR 3021PaidPaid
Joe HemmantL.O.S.GBR 3316PaidPaidPaid
Roger HarfordRed KiteGBR3096PaidPaid
Joe LlewellynForelle EstatesGBR 3732Paid
Tom CLayWhyaduckGBR 3106PaidPaid
Gary BakerTrioGB3305PaidPaidPaid
Andrew BellDark & StormyGBR3177PaidPaid
Paul MethvenSlartibartfastGBR 3473Paid
Charles SheppardSHARCGBR 3082PaidPaid
Anthony RobinsonTeign Ager GBR 3064Paid
Innes / Glover / FoxA New HopeGBR3740EnteredEntered
Mark SnijderNED3555EnteredEntered
John PollardXcellentGBR3724
Paddy BettesworthMinstralGBR3053